The Taking of Twitter, 1, 2, 3….

Like most of the population, I enjoy aspects of social media and find it useful, informative, and often entertaining. On the downside, I don’t appreciate attempts to invade my privacy (Facebook, I’m talking to you) or hijack my twitter feed to hawk products, goods, services that do not interest me.

Those of us who joined Twitter in the early days can recall, your feed was yours, completely customized to reflect your interests.  Ah, I remember those days fondly and found it easier to navigate and expand my interests at my leisure.

However, as time passed and the twitterverse grew in popularity, the evil wastrels and denizens (marketeers) set their sights on the twitter!  In the name of “progress”, changes were announced, and “in order to serve you better”, the Twitter gods would take it upon themselves to post tweets of interest on my feed.

Interests, my ass! Shorthand for product placement and advertisements.  Admittedly, they do mix tweets from other members. But, most of the time they are lacking in taste, sense and some are ideologically offensive. Mostly, I try to ignore them but today the twits found a new way to piss me off.

Today, I have to use my pad for checking e-mail and conducting business.  I accessed my twitter feed and attempted to click on a link to read an article.  Despite my efforts, every click resulted in expanding an ad disguised as a tweet to order Thanksgiving dinner. No matter where I clicked on the pad, the ad exploded on my screen.  I expected it to start gobbling at me!

My frustration mounted as attempts to access settings resulted in turkeys! Finally, it froze my pad. This resulted in me looking up at the sky and yelling, “curse you, marketing swine, I’ll get you and your little dog too”!




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