SONY…Proof The Customer Is Always Right

The HN has been on the hunt for a new computer or tablet hybrid.  Initially, we started with MAC (personal fav). However as the HN pointed out, business still regard PCs as their standard equipment. A few years back, I bought him a Sony Vaio laptop for Christmas.  Even I was impressed by the quality and customer service of the equipment.

Example, an issue developed with the cooling fan. It became very noisy and started to hinder the performance of the computer.  The HN went to the customer service website and was able to chat directly with a customer representative, who in turn, informed him about the problem with the fans.  In addition, the rep scheduled an onsite (home) service call to replace the fan at no cost to us.

The HN was in charge of the time and date, to spare him any inconvenience.  Now that he is looking for another computer, he is taking that customer service into consideration.  It is no surprise that Sony is the frontrunner for the new computer.  While price is important, customer service and honesty about their product is making the decision easier.