Where have all the wagons gone?

As you probably guessed I am in the market for a new car that is NOT a VW.  However, this also encompasses and I know I am going to be vilified for this, not and SUV either.  Rather, what I would like to buy is a station wagon. an excellent choice that compliments our family’s needs.  However, due to the current state of availability, it looks like I will have to buy a ticket to Europe.

The one size fits all SUV, although it comes in many flavors, holds little to no interest for me or the HN.  What ever happened to the ubiquitous wagon of yesteryear?  That shuttled families from school to sporting events to shopping sprees in the name of style, comfort and good gas mileage.  Today, manufacturers don’t offer the consumer what they need, rather their marketing trolls try to convince us to buy vehicles that provide the manufacturer with a higher margin.  This is no longer about consumer choice unless you are referring to color, cloth, leather, pleather, 21 inch wheels and it’s shiny!!

I admit to having a series of SUV in my former life.  However, they served a purpose as it allowed me to carry the necessary equipment to do my job.  But, how many times have you seen a mother going to get groceries in an urban environment where the sheer size of the “urban assault vehicles” (SUV) serves no purpose and can be better served by a wagon.

Which is why I am making the case for the return of the wagon.  Wagons have just as much and sometimes more space than an SUV.  They are also easier to park, maneuver and are fuel sippers compared to their gas chugging counterparts.  The HN, who at one time was an automotive engineer was disgusted that marketeers eschewed the practicality and usefulness of wagons.  Instead, their short sightedness and greed combined with their disdain for human opinion decreed SUVs be rammed down our throats.  For marketing believes that we are sheep in need of a shepherd.  BAA!

Today the HN read an article indicating that Ford is trying to see the light.  Ford is thinking of bringing back an affordable, yet practical wagon.  With rising gas prices, parking spaces getting smaller and even garages in new homes shrinking in size, the writing is on the wall.  The SUV is about to be put back into it’s rightful place.

As everything old is new again, I invite you to tell your story of wagon memories.  The HN has many tales of family and adventure in their Buick Estate wagon crossing America from shore to shore.




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